Third attempt to start. Football players need to win with Azerbaijan

Nothing is lost, but Azerbaijan needs to play. Anyway. Otherwise, the team of coach Karel Jarolíma will find difficult to solve complications. The first and second attempt to start the qualification failed. There is the third and maybe the last one.

It could be too late.

“Of course we feel under pressure. The home loss with Northern Ireland has already been chosen. We have to manage and win, “says Tomáš Sivok.

99 per cent of bettors believe in the Czech Republic

p> The voltage rises. “It would be sad if I did not feel it.We will do our best to not break our group, “Jarolim said. “I have no habit of underestimating anyone, but by winning over Norway, Azerbaijan has gained even greater respect. We have to be more careful. ”

The Czechs are, given the current qualification, when Azerbaijan, in addition to Norway, defeated San Marino and already has six points, perhaps a surprisingly clear favorite of the match.

“The rejuvenated Czech peasant shows his potential, and Azerbaijan should overwhelm,” says Petr Urbanec, the football bookmaker of Tipsport. The biggest Czech betting office is 99 percent of the Czech Republic’s winning odds of 1.27: 1.

One experience with Azerbaijan already has the Czech Republic, but would prefer to delete it from the statistics.The 0: 2 defeat in the 2009 United Arab Emirates best betting bonus offers tournament is one of the most prolific in history, although the Czech selection was almost exclusively the home league player. “Is it really lost? That surprised me, “said Jan Sýkora, midfielder at the time, who was 15 years old at the interview.

Now the Czech Republic has a stronger choice, but beware – Azerbaijan football has since gone. Clubs are thriving in European Cups, Karabach suffered Pilsen in the fight for the Champions League in the summer and recently played a draw with Liberec in the European League Group, where he qualified for the third time in a row.For the second consecutive time, Gabala is in the same competition.

The Azerbaijan league for the last four years in the UEFA rankings has jumped by twelve and in the order of coefficients already exceeds Serbian or Bulgarian. It attracts great coaching names, in the past, for example, Englishman Tony Adams or John Toshack, a 1xbet Welsh coach who previously led Real Madrid. And the representation is led by former Croatian midfielder Robert Prosinecki. “His work is manifesting.It seems to me that their football is similar to that of Croatian, “says Josef Pešice, an observer watching Azerbaijan in a home win over Norway.

State Support Helps Succeeds

Clubs, often massively funded by state money, rely mainly on foreign players whose number does not limit the list of rules. Gradually they also educate interesting players for representation. The base in Azerbaijan is growing at rocket speed, and the interest in football is steadily rising thanks to state support and youth projects. The development of small talents in schools is supervised by trainers trained by German experts, and the results are rapidly emerging.Yet recently, the youth teams have been winning from the strong teams, and now they are often able to play even-numbered matches.

But there’s a better season with the worse. Perhaps only two of the twelve games lost in 2013, only a year later, only the Philippines defeated. What now?

“We have a better quality but also a hurt of hurt. The wrestling can develop in every way. In a constellation, Azeris may be a very unpleasant opponent, “warns Pešice.

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