Latvia – Kazakhstan

This match will decide who finishes in Group A at the penultimate place. Not that it for the fifth Latvia and Kazakhstan duel downright mean this key question, but it will be especially important for Turkey. That is if they win the visiting team, and manage their match with Iceland can still proceed directly.

Only a single package of nine groups advance from third place on the European Championship. At the moment, it is Betclic best to Hungary. There are only two teams that can overtake him. Ukraine would at home but had to beat Spain and Turkey also have nothing in their hands. Both variants, however, are reasonably likely.

Turks Table truths third places currently just nine points, because they counted two wins so far with the latest Kazakhstan. But if the charges Yuri Krasnožana finally won out, they would end up in the final table eventually Latvia. And the situation would be reversed, because Turkey with Baltic countries only twice tied.

Suddenly would Ay Yildizlilar in question had direct Betclic approach from the third position on four extra points, particularly thirteen points, and if they could bring down Iceland, ahead of Hungary by just one point. “In every match we enter with the sole aim to win. In Latvia this will be no different,” said visiting midfielder Kazbek Geterijev.

Kazakhs and Latvians in this qualification are still waiting for any three-point result. Both have exactly the same score but with the difference that the home team have three Betclic more draws. If you play a draw even now retains its fifth position. And that definitely thwart Turkey not to complete the unpleasant possibility of relegation.

Guests last fall with the Netherlands, but only on goal. With a few exceptions, never in qualifying did not show nothing shameful performance. “Obviously, the opponent is not as strong as the Netherlands. But some underestimation can be no Betclic question. If we want to succeed in Riga, we will again have to work very hard,” added Geterijev.

Kazakh representative, who wore the national jersey after a long time, pleased that stands in the stadium astanského arrived quite a lot of fans, even though they already existed chance to get to the EURO. “First and foremost we played for them, for our honor and dignity. We will do everything so that after Latvia were happy,” he concluded.